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Financial Advice for Young People Starting Out in the Finance World

It is more often for the young to spend more than they earn and they are the same people who run the society with their emerging start-ups. This is a decade when every young potential is looking for start-up ideas to get their feet firmly on the ground.

Here are a few financial tips for such budding entrepreneurs for surviving this competitive world and to hit the big hurdles from some respected Finance Professionals: Read More »


Difference Between CFO and Controller

The difference between a CFO and a Controller has been looked for ages now. With a very thin lining between the two of them, they share the same differences as twins.

The distinction between a Controller and CFO is that of perspective. A Controller is more focused on compliance and historical record keeping or rather it should be said in other words, tactics; while a CFO tries to focus on planning and future performance. Read More »

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